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Thursday, May 18, 2017
By The Imagery

Check out these 4 postcards... Something for everyone!

1--- the steps to booking a session.

2--- a DIY workshop ... limited edition... NEW!

3--- a Bestie Special... 

4--- a Location Special...


Wednesday, May 17, 2017
By The Imagery

Soon Class of 2017 will be in the midst of party after party and party... it's commencement time, and a time for celebration.  We hope that as you gather your family this graduation season, you will schedule a time to have your portrait taken, all together, while you are all in one place... It's rare these days, isn't it? In the hustle and bustle of life, we often make excuses why we can't make it to family gatherings.  Hopefully your family is the exception, and everyone is gathering to celebrate this milestone in your life.  If you have that time, make the most of it.  A time when we can all be together. Be sure to make every effort possible to get a photo of everyone together, as they are now, in this moment in time.  Then print it, and place it in an album where you will be able to preserve this history for your family in the future.  Not everyone will be coming to us for a formal portrait over the fireplace, but we can guarantee, that if you do (and of course we hope you do), and have grandparents invited to be at the center of it all, it will be the best present that you have EVER given to the grandparents as a family.  

As always, I'm here to help with advice on what to wear, and how to get everyone gathered in one place... Don't worry about the logistics, the important thing is, call us right away, get the date and time figured out, when everyone will be over at your place ANYWAY... and then we'll help you piece together the rest...

Enjoy this time.  Don't work too hard being hostess (you can hire a caterer, don't try to do it all yourself!)  Be together.  Enjoy.


Monday, May 01, 2017
By The Imagery

Dear Class of 2017 families...

Is your family giving you a hard time about getting together for a photo? Let me help with some things to remind them as to WHY you want that image so badly...and in addition to these tips, I have an offer at the end with no strings attached... (but you have to call by May 8th!)

Imagine you DID have a family photo. Now imagine five years from now, looking at your walls and thinking, "Wow, everyone has changed so much and gone all their separate ways, and it's so hard to get everyone together.... in fact, we haven't all been in the same room for what seems like forever...I love how they have all become their own wonderful independent selves... and every day I get to see us together in that portrait... and I am so thankful that we took the time to do it when we had the chance."

Now imagine that you didn't have a family photo. Enough said.

It is not the things in life that you did, but what you didn't do, that you will regret.

It doesn't have to be boring! And no one has to wear matchy, matchy clothes that they feel funny in! For anyone that is lucky enough to have their entire family together for graduation, it's time to.grab some clothes that look fun together (or try wearing all shirts from your favorite teams or universities), and get that photo that you've been meaning to "get around to... when I'm... (fill in the blank, even Rod and I have excuses, we all do it to ourselves...)

And trust us, we make you look good! Remember how great the senior pictures turned out... it's the same with families, we will retouch everyone! (and you can tell me to take pounds and years off, I won't charge you extra!)

OUR GIFT TO CLASS OF 2017 (the following is for HS Senior families that have come to us for pictures in the past year)

We need to start filling the schedule and planning for seniors 2018, so, to help gets this done, if you call within the next seven days (or by May 8th), we are offering a $100 coupon towards framing of a 16x20 portrait or larger, or, $50 off of a gallery wrap, or, FREE 25 xmas cards for you to send out this year, with no obligation to purchase more...you choose what is the most valuable thank you gift for you.... CALL OR SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION FOR THIS SPRING, SUMMER, or FALL, THE OFFER ENDS THIS MAY 8th FOR THE ADDED GIFT!

Why? What's the catch? Family pictures are extremely valuable to have... and yet sadly, less than 20% of our clients get them done, and mostly because they let the excuses, or others objections, get in the way. This year we are committed to trying to turn that around. You chose us for your Senior pictures, and for that, we are very grateful. Even if you just come in and have the free 25 cards for your famlly and a happy season's greetings this year, we will have done our job getting out the message of the importance of the family photo. You can never have these moments back. Too many times we listen to our other family member's reluctance, and pick our battles, and the family photo loses... and time marches on. But family photos aren't for the short term, they are for the long term.

We believe in family photos and what they can mean to you for years and years... and GENERATIONS to come... So it's worth it... and that kind of client happiness over multiple generations is PRICELESS in our business... So let's change the trend and help us with the goal of increasing the number of families that we can serve this year...Over-load us with lots of work to do.... this is why we do what we do...and keep doing...

Saturday, April 22, 2017
By The Imagery

We are posting our first "HS Senior" postcard soon... let the planning begin...


#1 It's not too early to call or book online.

Senior pictures are done between your Junior and Senior Year... and it's not too early to even start in MAY while you are still in Junior Year (that's in just a few weeks!).

The biggest tip we can give you, is call NOW, and you will get maximum savings.  In fact, if you took full advantage of our Early Bird Offers at The Imagery, you could be saving upwards of $500!

Not all studios offer early bird savings, but if you book your session with us NOW, and for May or June, 100% of your reservation ($300) will go towards your order instead of any portion of it being used for a session fee... If you wait until July, 50% of that reservation will be used towards your order, and 50% will be a session fee... so just by choosing May or June, you've saved $150.  

In addition, if ordered by July 1st, your albums are 20-50% off.  Our most expensive album, the 10x10 designer book with acrylic cover, is $1375... 20% off if ordered by July 1, that's another savings of $275.00.  We also will be giving away all images that you order from on social media (valued at $35 each), and free previews immediately after your session (at least 3, so another minimum of $105 value).  But that's not all! If you purchase an album, any album, you get a mobile app with if FREE, giving you all the images on your smart phone... (a $89. value).

In other words, if you like preview images on your social media platforms, like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, and you like saving money... BOOK SOON!

#2 Once you've called and booked for May or June, and paid your $300 reservation... now what?

At The Imagery we like to PLAN your session so that you get the most out of it... That could mean that you come in for a pre-consultation (optional), or at minimum, you will fill out a pre-session questionnaire where we get to know you better.  We've learned that doing a simple exercise of 'value sorting' can tell us a lot about what type of session experience you'd like, so we ask that you go to www.mybankcode.com/theimagery and play a simple card game online.  It's quick, easy and fun, and it takes just a couple minutes.  You'll get an email with results of your personality quiz, and get to learn something fun about you!  Once we get to know you better, we begin to prepare a session experience that you'll truly enjoy.

We'll send you a complete list of what to pick out for clothing... or you can bring some ideas to your optional in-person consultation as well...We also have a personal stylist that we can recommend, and she gives $25 off her regular services for consultation.  

We'll be setting you up with a makeup demonstration at the Imagery, and a makeup kit is included in your reservation for July and August sessions, or an additional $40 for May and June sessions, where the kit will be optional, but the set that you are supplied with (even boys, for skincare) is a great value, and you'll love this added bonus.

#3 Enjoy your session... tips to help you relax and trust your session is in good hands

First of all, you've got to know that you are in good hands. At The Imagery you will be working with ONE photographer, Rod Oman, who is a seven time Twin Cities Photographer of the Year award winner, and a Master, Certified, Craftsman photographer with the Professional Photographers Association of America.  Rod has been photographing seniors at The Imagery for over eighteen years, and every year is committed to continuing education and challenges which keep him at the top of the industry.  In 2017, Rod was selected to be an ambassador for Panasonic, giving him access to all the latest in camera technology for LUMIX brands.  When it comes to lighting, posing, and exposing you for camera or video, you are in good hands.... With prior planning, you might even get to work with our styling closet, have a special set created, or get to have pictures done with the drone... who knows what surprises we might have in store!

#4 Tips for ordering...and a little about budget

You will see your photos about a week after the session.  This appointment will be scheduled when you come in for your pictures, so have your appointment book handy and know everyone's schedule that will need to be decision makers at the ordering appointment.  To help you prepare for ordering, we will have instructions on how you can take pictures of your walls at home, and we will show you what your portraits look like on your walls, true to size, so you can be confident in picking just the right look for your home.  The ordering appointment just takes about an hour and a half at the most, and carefully compare each of your favorites, and Stephanie, with years of experience and hundreds of clients helped, will guide you with expert advice on options that fit your lifestyle and budget.  Most of our HS Senior clients order a proof album (but this is OPTIONAL), a proof album requires a minimum print order beforehand of $500, but that is the only minimum we have on our pricing, everything else is a la carte, and again, if $500 is not in your budget, then you do not have to order the proof album, which can vary between $150-$1375 investment.  At The Imagery we also allow payment plans, so know that you can pay 1/2 down when you place your order, and make payments on the rest.  Usually clients pay the 2nd half at the time of pick up, which is anywhere from 6-8 weeks later during our busy summer season.

#5 Pick up your order... This is why we do what we do...PRINT

At The Imagery we specialize in completing PRINT orders (not digital cds), and we do so with fine artisan finishing, from styrene mounting and lamination, to woods, metals and canvases.  Our finished portraiture is ready to hang on the wall, or mounted so that you can select framing from our collection or from the artisan framer of your choice.  When you have a print on the wall, you are reminded every day of what is important to you, and it isn't lost in cyber-space or on a hard-drive that will ultimately become corrupt and lost forever.  PRINT, it is the most important thing that we provide for you, and the most important piece of your story that you will have to pass on for generations to come.  If you insist on digital media, we do have that available as well, for a fee, and will provide you with copyright releases for those images that you select to have for your own projects.  For our HS Seniors that are active on social media, we provide social media "copies" of any image that you order a print of, as well as a mobile app that will come with your ordered proof album... The use of files on social media is NOT a permanent solution, however, and will not be the generational heirloom that they'll be able to pass on to their family in the future.











Saturday, April 01, 2017
By The Imagery

April--Mom's Day "Hygge" Special-$247...Let's bring in Dad's with their kids for a special portrait for Mom!  

Hygge is the Danish art of living simply and increasing your joy and happiness through the appreciation of the little moments and pleasures in life.  A perfect gift for mom is a portrait of dad and the kids, enjoying an activity together... We'll invite dad's to come in for a special portrait with their child, and order in time for Mother's Day in May.  That's the opposite of what you might think... instead of thinking of Mother's Day portraits as having moms in them, we are thinking of having dads in them...Mom wants to have that picture of dad and the kids, don't you think? So let's surprise her with this wonderful gift.  We put together a special package just for dad's to help them pick out that perfect thing for Mom to hang up right away and enjoy. 

Hygge Special for April:  1 8x10 acrylic pop out and 1 6x18 trilogy framed, for only $247 (a $380 value).